ABC Nano 280 Fogger

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4 reviews for ABC Nano 280 Fogger

  1. Helen Robertson

    Great product for our new Nursery cleaning regime and dealing with Coronavirus.
    We have one for each room in the Nursery allowing easy and quick use.
    Fogging time generally lasts under 2 minutes per room
    We complete daily at lunch break or when the group leave for outside play.
    Daily use gives staff and parents peace of mind.
    Highly recommended

  2. Beverley

    We have received our order and are very happy with it, also just how
    quickly it arrived. Very grateful and thank you

  3. Julie.

    This is so quick to use in our setting. It gives myself and users of the ELC so much reassurance of it being cleaned during these trying times.
    Quick delivery and a very reasonable price.

  4. stacey caulton

    we have the 280 nano fogger and the gg1800 and both are great but the gg1800 is more practical as it’s portable and also has a larger capacity for the solution, but we still recommend any of them and in today’s times they are a must.

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